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This page provides for those who are interested some private and personal information about the site owner of the DS - Fine Art website.

Bild BetreiberCharacteristics ...

  • Born: 1954
  • Not married
  • 2 grown up children
  • Living in: Wilhelmshaven
  • Occupation: Systems Engineer (retired)
  • Hobbies: Travel; Natur; Art (obviously); Sport (Tennis, Football, Volleyball); Music; Theatre; Great Food (Favorites: Asian, Sushi); Interesting, open minded und positively thinking people



My passion for collecting ...

began in my early childhood. As a 10-year old I began to collect stamps. Later I added collection plates, Native American artifacts (see below), paintings and sculptures. Over the past 4 decades this has turned into an extensive collection with two main areas:

  • Native American artifacts from Indian Nations of Northern America, and
  • Paintings and prints from various countries around the world

In 2012 I returned from a longstanding work assignment in the US. When all boxes were unpacked it became clear that my new home would not be able to accommodate all of my collection, which led to the decision to part with a significant number of artifacts.


My fascination with the Indian Nations of Northern America ...

also has its roots in my early childhood. As for many young boys of my generation, in a time before CD players, internet and social media, was for me, aside from playing soccer, reading books my favorite pastime. My favorite writer was Karl May. The adventures of his heros Winnetou, the Apache chieftain, and Old Shatterhand were my preferred presents to receive at any occasion. During this time the dream to visit the homes of the Mescalero Apaches, the Kiowa and Sioux some day was born.

More informationen can be found at my second internet platform www.indiantraces.com.

Have fun browsing these pages.


My Interest in Paintings ...

began in Germany in the 80s with the purchase of a small oil painting by a locally known artist from the coast of the North Sea. The small painting did not stay alone for very long on the fairly large wall. Within a short period of time more paintings were added. A new and exiting branch of my collection was born. The type of display of any subject I very much prefer is the figurative (i.e. representational) kind. Abstract displays and graphic art constitute an exception.

My favorite subjects are landscapes, seascapes, street scenes, portraits, nudes, still lives, and last, but not least paintings depicting the life of the Indian nations of Northern America.

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